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You will find a Danish version as well as an English version.

Vores brugere siger

Nick Veijo Olavi Niikanoff

72 years. Has neuritis and diabetes

“Now I can get up myself. I can now go in myself and take a midday nap. And if I have to get up at night, it's not a problem either. I am very happy with the bed."

Karin Else Hansen

56 years. Recurrent herniated disc, fractured pelvis and osteoporosis

“I have got my freedom back. I am so happy to be able to go to bed myself. In the past I have slept in my chair as I cannot lie down. I've got my freedom back."

Else Madsen

74 years. Had a broken hip

“Pleasant to get out of bed at the foot. After my hip operation, I borrowed a Liberty bed from the municipality. It was a great pleasure to get out of bed at the foot end and avoid the twist in the hip I would have had with a regular bed. Also to avoid the hassle of lifting the leg I wasn't allowed to support."