The Liberty Care bed gives disabled users the opportunity to continue having an independent and meaningful life.

Liberty Care bed provides this kind of independence, as the bed is intuitive and easy to operate using the controls, which
also act as armrests, or using the Remote Control. The function of the bed ensures that the users feet areis always 10cm
from the end of the Mattress, when the bed is used in sitting or lying positions.

We all prefer to be in our own home, but we can get into situations where we need help to get in or out of bed. With Liberty Care bed you can remain in your own home.

When the bed is not in use, it can be made up
and will then appear as a normal bed.

The users say

”Pleasant to get out at the foot of the bed” After my hip surgery I borrowed a Liberty Care bed from the municipality. It’s very comfortable to get out at the foot of the bed, and avoid the twist of the hip I would have had in a normal bed. Also avoiding the difficulty of having to lift the leg that needed support.

Else Madsen, age 74 years
Had a broken hip.

”Now I can get up by myself” Now I can go in and take a nap by myself, and it is no problem when I have to get up at night. I am very pleased with the bed.

Nick Veijo Olavi Niikanoff, age 72 years
Neuritis and diabetes.

”I’ve got my freedom back” I am so happy to be able to go to bed by myself. In the past I slept in my chair, because I can’t lie down. I have my freedom back.

Karin Else Hansen, 56 years
Repeated discus prolapse, broken pelvis and osteoporosis.


When used in housing above ground floor, the bed can be separated into 5 parts.

Wheel Section: 87 kg Bed frame: 50 kg Lamella bottom: 18 kg Head end: 20 kg Head board: 8.,4 kg

When used on ground floor level, it’s recommended that the bed be transported on the bed trolley, designed especially for the bed.


  • The Liberty Care bed is testet by the Technological Institute, product certificateaccording to DS/EN 74210060601-2-52:2010-/A1:20151
  • The Liberty Care bed is marked in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC on and European mMedical dDevices. Regulation 2017/745.
  • The Liberty Care bed has undergone a risk analaysis according to EN 14971:2012.
  • Liberty Care Beds Actuator and Control Unit is approved according to IEC DS/EN 60601-12-52:20052010/A1:2015, 3. edition.

The Remote Control, the Controller and the Actuators are classified according to IPX6 or IPX4.

Fire test

  • TempraFlex® is flame retardant according to DS/EN 597-1 : 1994 2015 and DS/EN 597-2: 19942015. Cold foam HR-40 is flame retardant according to California 117-A+D, FMVSS 302 as well as DIN 4102 B2: 1998.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Liberty Care bed is made of Aluminium and Stainless Steel. This make it very easy to clean thus ensuring that regular maintenance is easy accessible. The bed is washable according to IP64.

Top Mattress of Memory Foam

Liberty Care Company
  • 120mm standard Mattress
  • The Mattress is composed of 2 different types of foam. The bottom is 80 mm cold foam (HR-40) with cut outs and the one on top a 40 mm TempraFlex® 6067 pressure relieving foam.
  • A 160 mm mattress can be purchased if needed. The mattress is then composed of 3 different types of foam. The bottom is 80 mm cold foam (HR-40) with cut outs and the one on top a 40 mm TempraFlex® 6067 pressure relieving foam, and in between is a 40mmTempraFlex® 6067.
  • Density: TempraFlex® 6067 – 53 kg/m3 – Hardness 60 (ISO 2439B (N)DS/EN ISO 2439B: 2009 ) TempraFlex 8060 – 80 kg/m3 – Hardness 60 (ISO 2439B (N) )HR-40 – 40 kg/m3 – Hardness 190 (ISO 2439B (N) ) Field of application: 120mm : 30-140 kg – Pressure Ulcers stage 0-2 160mm : 70-200 kg – Pressure Ulcers stage 0-2 .


The Mattress is attached to the lamella bottom with snap fasteners, so it stays in place during movement. The pillow can also be attached so it remains in the right position.

Facts about the bed

Dimensions (without the Safety Rails):

length: 2100mm Width: 1020mm Height: 510mm
Weight: Chassis Module: 112 kg Undercarriage: 68 kg Headboard: 7,4 kg Safety rail each: 12,6 kg Mattress: 8,7 kg

The bed is guaranteed to last for 10.000 sequences corresponding to approximately 10 years use.

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Contact info

Liberty Care ApS

Company Address:
Oestervang 17 C
DK-4300 Holbaek

Langebjergvaenget 14
DK-4000 Roskilde

Rene Grønmark
Phone: +45 2384 8084

About us

At Liberty Care we make beds that give people with reduced mobility back their dignity . Our beds give the user a greater quality of life, because they become independent of help from others.

©Liberty Care bed is patented.