Avoid inappropriate transfers

At Liberty Care we want to ensure a good working environment for the Care Staff. With the Liberty Care bed inappropriate movements and positions are avoided, as the bed is designed for:

  • Disembarkment at the foot of the bed, hereby avoiding displacement of the injured or disabled area, for example users with palsy and hip surgery, or users that need to be guided out of bed.
  • Low exit height ensure that the user has good contact with the floor, and thereby feel secure during the transfer.
  • Free access for Lift, Lectern, Walker etc., in case the user need help with the transfer.
  • The bed is operated by the armrests or the Remote Control. The Remote Control can be used either from the right or the left side of the bed.
  • The bed ensures good conditions for rehabilitation.

Space for good working positions

The Liberty Care bed is constructed so there is room for the Care Giver to get his/her feet under the bed if the user needs help.
There is no board at the foot of the bed so there is easy access if a Wheel Chair user needs assistance. The free space under the foot end of the bed gives plenty of room for a Lift.

Pillow and Mattress stay where they need to be

Pillowcase and Mattress is secured, so they don’t move during use. The users feet automaticcally ends 10 cm in on the mattress, when the bed is moving into lying position.

The Operation is quite simple

The user ckan operate the bed by using the two operating levers on the sides. As Care Givers you have a can use the Remote Control, so toso you avoid bending over the bed to operate it.
The Remote Control can be used to adjust the height of the bed, and the central Brake is operated by the foot pedals at the foot of the bed.

Sengehøjden justeres via fjernbetjeningen, og den centrale bremse betjenes via fodpedaler i fodenden.

100 % cleanable

The bed is made of light and cleanable Aluminium. The Mattress has an antibacterial welded cover that is washable. The whole bed is washable IP64.

Top Mattress of Memory Foam

Liberty Care bed is delivered with an 8cm bottom Mattress and a 4cm Memory Foam top Mattress. Other Mattress thicknesses areis available for purchase.

Easy Transport

When the bed is tilted upright, the large fender wheels make it easy to roll from one room to the next.

Facts about the bed

Dimensions (without the Safety Rails): length: 2100mm Width: 1020mm Height: 510mm

Weight: Chassis Module: 112 kg Undercarriage: 68 kg Headboard: 7,4 kg Safety rail each: 12,6 kg Mattress: 8,7 kg

The bed is guaranteed to last for 10.000 sequences corresponding to approximately 10 years use.

Contact info

Liberty Care ApS

Company Address:
Oestervang 17 C
DK-4300 Holbaek

Langebjergvaenget 14
DK-4000 Roskilde

Rene Grønmark
Phone: +45 2384 8084
E-mail: rg@libertycare.dk

About us

At Liberty Care we make beds that give people with reduced mobility back their dignity . Our beds give the user a greater quality of life, because they become independent of help from others.

©Liberty Care bed is patented.