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Bed that provides independence and quality of life.

At Liberty Care we produce and deliver nursing beds to citizens with a disability or handicap. The purpose with the Liberty Care bed is to improve quality of life, independence and to sustain the citizens’ dignity. In continuation of this, it is in our best interest, to give carers easy access to the citizen with ergonomic working positions.

Our nursing bed is developed in collaboration with citizens as well as health care proffesionals – this aids to not only making everyday life easier for the citizen – but also the carers as they can get to the citizen with ease.

Why choose the Liberty Care bed?

We can, as the only company on the market, offer a nursing bed that has an disembarkation at the foot end of the bed. The beds are manufactured in light weight materials, which makes them easier to move around, and you can put your own individual stamp by adjusting the back rest angle and the elevation, as well as the exiting height one wishes. The smart design provides an uncomplicated approach to hide the provided remote control and the arm rests when they are not being used. Do you, as a caregiver need to assists the citizen in the bed, the wheels can be locked in place and the mattress as well as the pillow can be fastened and secured. The nursing bed functions as a hospital bed as well.

All these functions makes it more accessible for e.g. family members or care givers to use, as there is no need to read a user manual to utilize the bed. The operatin of the bed has been made simple and straightforward, so that every person in all ages can follow.

The nursing beds’ functions can be steered electronically with either the remote control or operation in the arm rests.

You also have the option to rent a nursing bed or hire purchase if this is desired or preferred.

All Liberty Care beds have been testet and approved in accordance with applied standards.


If you have any questions about the bed and its specifcations, or if you simply need advice before you shop, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

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